The wonderful meeting of Bo & Jo.

The wonderful meeting of Bo & Jo

Once upon a time was a pretty, sweet and very shy little dog named Bo. Her family had moved a short time ago to a lovely house surrounded by greenery in the small town of Cripoline, near the famous forest of Parcanville.

Every morning Bo got out to take a bowl of fresh air in the garden, a garden she knew by heart. She dreamed of this beautiful forest she saw only through the gate. She spent hours staring at the wild vegetation growing freely, and she lamented herself dreamingly  thinking : « How I would like to discover this world, its surprises, its encounters … »

By a nice morning in the month of May, while Bo was taking her daily walk, she saw Jo, a young fox with magnificent red fur. Jo was a cunning, clever and resourceful fox, and had always lived in the Parcanville forest. He knew every nook and cranny of it.

Always on the lookout for a good adventure, he loved to walk especially outside of his territory.

The meeting of Bo and Jo

That morning, he met the eyes of Bo. Drawn as if it were by magic, by this pretty little dog, Jo approached the gate. Bo, shy but curious, engaged in conversation. They shared for hours, their common love for nature and game, their thirst for discovery and freedom. From this amazing encounter between the city and the country, will rise a great friendship.

Throughout their adventures, you’ll be able to share their world, meet their friends, learn from them good habits to protect and preserve nature, climate, and your environment. Bo and Jo will be at your side to discover new worlds, to guide you in fun, creative and crafts activities, but mostly they will allow you to join a world where only your imagination will have no limit nor rules …

With all this merry band, we are going to board for a great trip « Around the World » …